About A-JET Technology Co., LTD.
In 2004, A-JET Technology was established by a team of OEM and ODM industry veterans that share common goals of delivering cutting-edge portable technology and unparalleled commitment to customer service to you. In addition to providing superior products at competitive prices, we have been a trusted partner to our customers worldwide.
Research and Development
By investing significantly in our own research and development centers in Taiwan and China, we have become a leader in new product design, market development, and custom manufacturing. Our dedication to research and development enables us to constantly deliver product innovation and quality improvement to the marketplace.
Our vision
A-JET Technology will be the top of leading companies specialized in design, development, manufacturing and distribution of high quality internet related consumer products. Our key competitor will be Quality, Service and Innovation. And A-JET will always be here to supply any kind of advanced consumer products to you.
Through direct ownership and joint ventures, we offer great flexibility in production volume. We have integrated several factories to leverage diverse manufacturing specialties and combined capacity at various locations. We are capable of customizing OEM and ODM solutions to meet your domestic or global demands.
About JETA
A-JET Technology created JETA in 2005 to bring our products to the consumer market. JETA instantly fulfills the dream of having user-friendly and innovative portable technology that enriches your everyday life. With our strong product design expertise, manufacturing power, marketing know-how's, and customer service, JETA has quickly received global recognition and appreciation.